Welcome to my site

My name is Dániel Batki. I was born in 1984 in Eger, a beautiful Hungarian small town. I am one of those lucky people whose work is their passion as well. At the moment I am active in three fields which are very different but can still complete one another, and I was able to perfectly find myself in all three of them.


Massage therapist

I first encountered the world of massage through my mother who also works as a massage therapistand reflexologist. For me, massage is not only for the body itself but it is medicine for the soul as well. I hold a Swedish and wellness, metamorphic, rejuvenating japanes face massage and hawaiian lomi lomi therapist qualification. Silent music, incenses, candle light, pleasant atmosphere and soon we have arrived at the island of chill. You can find more information under ‘Massage’.


Zumba instructor

Thanks to my parents I studied in a primary school where we had Hungarian folk dance in junior section as a scheduled class. This was the perfect first step so that dance can become a part of my life. In this way, later I encountered more dance styles as well, such as rock & roll and hip-hop that I even started teaching to young children at the age of 17. Between 2003 and 2005 my own dance and model studio was operating by the name of B. D. Studio. In 2011 I got to know the world of ZUMBA. This is the style in which I could absolutely find myself. The kind of freedom that this class type provides has turned me into an addict and I am teaching it till today.


Life coach

I have always been looking for a way that I can help people without talking my truth into them, but with the help of different techniques the patients asking for advice can find the answers themselves. I, as a coach, just provide the crutch to overcome the difficulties. You might imagine it like a guide in the mountains who is with you throughout the whole journey helping you but you must climb the mountain by your own means. This is indeed an interesting and adventurous travel into self-knowledge that can reveal hidden answers, solutions. You can find more information under ‘Life coaching’.


– Sports trainer (fitness and body building)

– ZUMBA instructor

– Laughter yoga trainer

– Indoor cycling trainer

– Swedish massage therapist

- Wellness massage therapist

- Metamorph massage therapist

- Hawaiian lomi lomi massage therapist

– Life coach

– Economist in tourism and catering, specialised in recreation, leisure and animation